About Chocolate's Patreon Rewards

Want to pledge to my Patreon? Great!
Here's what's in it for you.

This is a work in progress!

If you need more information about my Patreon patron rewards, look no further! Here you can (eventually) learn more about what you can get through my Patreon page, and how best to go about it; all while supporting my personal artwork!

What Art Rewards Include

When you pledge at a tier that receives art rewards, you are placed in a queue. Each time you come up in the queue, you get a time slot that month depending on the queue you are in. You may request just about anything that I can work on digitally, including but not limited to:

I reserve the right to veto or change ideas that include my characters, but I'll check with you before moving ahead with it. You can be as detailed as you like or leave things completely up to me. Just be aware that a very complicated idea might not get finished in time.

How the Art Queues Work

The art queues listed in each tier consist of 2 numbers: how many people will get a reward each month, and how long the queue will be. The Candy Coins tier, for example, is a 2/6 queue, meaning that 2 people get a reward each month, with a maximum of 6 people in the queue.

The 1/Endless queues of the Bag of Buttons and Chocolate Fudge tiers mean that one person receives a reward each month, but their queues have no upper limit. This means that as the queue grows, you will get diminishing returns on your pledge - however, once the queue grows large enough I plan to extend the rewards to compensate.

If you prefer to get art on a more frequent basis, the limited queues have a maximum wait time. For example; when it reaches its full capacity, patrons in the Box of Maltesers pledge tier will get a reward every other month.

Your place in the queue has NO BEARING on any of the other rewards you are entitled to.

The queues are always shown on the Pledge Reward Queues spreadsheet (also accessible by clicking on the "Queues" button on my Patreon page shop header), and indicate who is currently due for a reward as well as who will be moved up in the following month.

The Warmup Art Queue

An important part of my daily work routine includes some practice sketches to keep the rust off, and ensures that I get my best work out there as consistently as I can. In exchange for its higher pledge and longer wait times, the Chocolate Fudge tier benefits from an extra reward called the "Warmup Art Queue."

While waiting for a turn at the top spot of the queue, everyone pledging at that tier will be put in a list of subjects I will draw in my warmup and practice sessions. The sketches will vary in detail, style, subject and quality, but while not 100% guaranteed, they will also be more frequent than the main art reward provided to this reward tier.

Subjects for the sketches are usually selected in the order of the queue. The higher in the list you are, the sooner/more frequently you will be drawn that month.

Note that the Glazed Truffles tier also benefits from this reward, but the amount of patrons pledging to this tier is restricted and will not appreciably impact wait times in this regard.

Quarterly 'Lucky Bag' Rewards

Aside from the rotating art queue, you can get a physical goodie bag of rewards from me every yearly quarter if your pledges for those three months meet or exceed $75 in total. This is automatically earned if you join the Chocolate Fudge tier or higher in or before January, April, July or October, but you can still pledge $25 in any lower tier to meet the minimum requirement.

The lucky bag consists of an assortment of trinkets, prints and other goodies or merchandise I'll be designing over the course of the year. Shipping for most countries is included in the pledge total.